Eataly Boston Tour

Eataly Restaurant has been the talk of Boston and SB was lucky enough to get an exclusive sneek peek experience last week. 

If you love coffee, crepes, wine, etc... you will be here ALL. THE. TIME. Forget Hong Kong (kidding).  

Fresh pasta and pizza, desserts, a wine bar, fresh produce market, delicatessen, butcher shop, fish mongers, bakery, restaurant, espresso bar and tiramisu to DIE for. There’s way too much to list so check out pics from our tour and see for yourself.

To top it all off they are committed to Boston and to working with just local producers, whenever possible 🎉

Doors officially open tomorrow, November 29th at 4pm. Tell them Secret Boston sent you :)

Public Viewing at BU Observatory

68) On Wednesday nights throughout the year, at Coit Observatory, you can observe the night sky in ways you would otherwise not be able to. Using binoculars and telescopes at this incredible place you will feel like an aspiring astronomer. It opens at 7:30 during the fall and winter, and at 8:30 during the spring and summer. Call ahead because it is weather permitting and tickets are suggested since it constantly sells out (free tickets!). Get your Aristotle on and visit this gem!

Submitter: Victoria Walsh

Submitter: Victoria Walsh

Jamaica Pond Bench

69) This wacky art installation was done by an art professor named Matthew Hincman. He calls it a "guerrilla" public art piece, which he snuck into the park in 2006. Apparently it took the City of Boston a week to notice it and not until a week after did everyone realize it was not approved. It got taken down, but not for long. He got approval from the Boston Art Commission to have it re-installed. So now it sits on the side of the pathway in the park, just waiting for the next person walking by to become curious enough to sit...or lay across...or sprawl out...whatever works.

Submitter: Victoria Walsh

Submitter: Victoria Walsh

Adidas Runbase store/mini museum

70) The Boston Marathon has it's own museum...kinda sorta. The Boston Marathon was run for the first time in 1897, only one year after a man from the Boston Athletic Association had competed in the first Olympics in Greece. At this Adidas RunBase store on Boylston street you can find some really cool running paraphernalia (maps, photos, sneakers etc.) from some of the first runners and some recent ones too. The store also offers tons of workout classes and a running club for the more sweat-savvy. Pretty exciting stuff huh? 



Ferris Wheels Bike Shop Owner Is Actually A Ferris Ferris 🎡

71) ... You know, like from the 48 hour town carnival you risk your life at every summer

Jeffrey Ferris who owns iconic Ferris Wheels Bike Shop in JP is 6th cousin twice removed of George Washington Ferris they guy who invented the Ferris Wheel in 1890. It debuted in 1893 at Chicago World's Fair.

So go buy a bike.


SUBMITTER: Colleen Scanlan