boston blizzard

Funny Snow Shots Around Boston

If you have any funny snow photos you want me to share, leave a link to them in the comments!

Secret Boston Helps Social Worker Source Sleds for Kids

A social worker asked on Twitter if anyone knew where to rent sleds so she could take needy children out sledding. 

I asked Secret Boson and instantly had dozens and dozens of people trying to help. Turns out, you can't rent sleds, and, due to how much snow we've had, buying them was out of the question!  

Eventually, Secret Bostonian Allo Gilinsky offered to lend the social worker 2 sleds and the day was saved!

Kenmore Square Avalanche (Joke)

When I posted Jeff Brailsford's photo to Secret Boston it received 1,750 shares, 2,000 likes and almost 200 comments. And it reached almost 150,000 views.

Obviously it's fake, right? Well, read the comments and you'll see it wasn't obvious to everyone. (really?!) 

Some of the comments were really funny...

Winter Gallery from Secret Boston Facebook Page