Steinert Hall: Secret Abandoned Theater

78) Steinert Hall is an underground theater built in 1896 beneath the M. Steinert & Sons piano store. The music hall was supposedly “acoustically perfect” but left abandoned after being condemned long ago. 

What is now the center of Emerson college was in the 1900’s the center of the Boston music industry. Around these piano stores theaters were built. Steinert Hall also doubled as a recital hall and later a recording studio. The hall was built by one of Steinert’s sons, Alexander, who wanted a venue for area musicians and a place to show off the store’s selection of pianos. The hall hosted everything from piano recitals to opera singers to attract customers.

Unfortunately the “Little Jewel” closed its doors almost 60 years ago due to updated building codes. The curious hall now serves as a mausoleum for dusty, crippled and out-of-use pianos. But Steinert store has continued to live on, as the last of bygone era when Boston was one of the leaders in piano manufacturing. The store above the theatre still continues to thrive today, and Murphy says that they still host piano recitals from time to time. (WEBC News)

162 Boylston Street Boston

SUBMITTER: Rodolfo Morales