Media Kit

Secret Boston is one of the biggest, most relevant communities in Boston.
Over 150,000 strong.

99% of the Secret Boston community lives right in Boston, Somerville, or Cambridge and the average age is 22-36 yrs. Our social media presence is organic, huge, and active. We have a private Facebook group that has been memed a lot! And we have 2,000 ambassadors available to attend events and create amazing Instagram Stories on our channel for you.




Juicy Package

Create a holistic campaign on Secret Boston by leveraging our email list, social media, and brand ambassadors. Our team will work with you to create the most exciting experience for our community possible and incredible results for you.

Packages start at $750.00


Weekly Events Calendar

Get your event included! Every Thursday night, we email over 35,000 Bostonians a curated calendar of awesome things to do. Strong open/click-thru rate. Our community anxiously awaits this list! 

List is 100% Boston!
Age 22-36 (average)

Photo feature: $300
Text listing: $200



Throw a Party

Get hundreds of young people to attend your event. Perfect for last minute situations where you want to be sure your party feels like a huge success. Our team creates an RSVP landing page that we promote to all of our channels. Within hours we receive hundreds to thousands of RSVPs (emails are shared with you).

Starts at $1,000


Ambassador Stories

Did you know we have over 2,000 ambassadors? You can have 2 (or more) show up at your event and cover the entire thing on Secret Boston’s Instagram Stories. Our stories receive thousands of views in 24-hours! Bonus: you can have them create ‘SWIPE UP’ posts that link to your site on your next event ticketing page.

Get creative! Our ambassadors are always up for a good time, so you come up with a plan and they will show up!

Starts at $750


Social Media Posts / Contests

Throw an Instagram contest for our community and drive tons of awareness to your event. Or we can create an event on our incredibly active private Facebook Group or huge Facebook Page and get loads of RSVPs.

Starts at $500


Dedicated Email Blast

We’ll send a dedicated email blast featuring only your event to a targeted section of our 35k+ person email list. Great for generating last-minute attendance/buzz! Get clicks, get interest, get noticed.

Our list is 100% Boston!
Age 22-36 (average)



Advertising: Facebook + Instagram

Unleash the power and reputation of Secret Boston by hosting your ad on our public Facebook and/or Instagram account. Our accounts are 100% Boston so you can reach them and all of their friends. Powerful!

$1000 + your ad budget